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Учащиеся Международной школы завтрашнего дня на Олимпиаде 2012 в Питтсбурге

Учащиеся Международной школы завтрашнего дня на Олимпиаде 2012 в Питтсбурге 08.06.2012
“Good, better, best, never let it rest,
till your good is better,
and your better is best.”

International Student Convention 2012 in the US has been a real success this academic year! Our students won 3 medals and 4 final places. Because of their hard and consistent work, our winners celebrate their victory today.

Hany Chang, our last year prize winner of the ISC 2011, has been the most productive in her work this year as well. She won the 3rd place in PowerPoint Presentation-Nonlinear, the 10th place in Dresses, and the 13th place in Crochet.

Saemy Chang received the 3rd place in Knitting.

Soorin Kim became a finalist in the category Pennant Design with the 7th place.

La Thach Thao won the 4th place in Pennant Design.

Nguyen Nam’s
Website Design was awarded with the 10th place.  

Among the teachers who helped our students attend the International Student Convention 2012 and receive these honorable awards are Petrushenko Alla Victorovna, Golovanov Yevgeniy Nikolayevich, Ndirowei Pesanai, Elizabeth Sosich, Svetlana Shestakova, and Angela Verutina.

We also want to acknowledge other teachers who faithfully assisted in preparation for this event. They are Irene Korovina and Julie Tkhorivskaya.

We invite our students to join our group next year! You will have a chance to visit the European Student Convention 2013 in April which will take place in Great Britain!

Be a part of our team!

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