Student Handbook



If you are interested in enrolling your child with the International School of Tomorrow, please consider the following:

1. Call the school: 312-44-08 and discuss enrollment options with Mrs. Julie Benedik, the School Principal. You can e-mail her at the following address:

2. Review the school web-site (Please refer to the photo gallery to view school activities that are described in English and in Russian).

3. Make an appointment to come and see the school. It is recommended that you bring your children with you.

4. You will be given a a School tour and the Parents’ Handbook with the following forms & information:

- Student Application

- Commucation

- Application for bus

- Promotion flyers

- Learning Center rules & attendance policy

- Statement of Discipline

- Statement of Understanding # 1 (character development) & statement of conduct)

- Statement of Understanding # 2 (expensive items)

- Schedule of school hours and breaks

- School calendar

- School uniform flyer

- Pre-school flyer

- List of school supplies

- List of forms to be submitted to school

5. If, after visiting the school, you decide to enroll your child in this school, you will be requested to fill out the Student Application Form and submit the following forms to the school office:

- Student Application

- Application for transportation (as needed)

- Copy of the Birth Certificate (or Diplomatic passport)

- Copy of one of the parents’ passport

- Former School Records

- Statement of Understanding # 1 (character development)

- Statement of Understanding # 2 (expensive items)

- 2 photos (3x4 cm)

- Medical history (form # 026)

6. After all the Applications are signed by an authorized member of the school administration, the school secretary will prepare Agreements and other necessary documents.

7. The first fee to pay is the testing fee. After this payment is done, the School of Tomorrow Diagnostic Tests in Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Word Building will be administered.

8. The students will be placed at a certain level according to the results of the Diagnostic Tests.

9. While the student is doing the testing, parents will be asked to sign the Agreements. The accountant office will issue the invoices due.

10. The Enrollment fee & the first quarter tuition payment are furnished at this point. (Tuition and other fees information will be provided with the Parents’ Handbook).

11. After signing the Agreements and the necessary forms, as well as furnishing all the above mentioned fees, the student will be attending school on a regular basis.

Should you have any further questions regarding enrollment, please, do not hesitate to contact us at +7(495)-312-4408 or e-mail at We would be happy to be service to you and provide the best quality of education available through a unique combination of qualified staff, quality curriculum and proven methodology.