Student Council


The Student Council of the International School of Tomorrow was established in 2003. The purpose of this ministry of the school is to enable mature students to have the chance to participate in the running of the school. This is most effectively accomplished with their direct involvement in planning, organizing, and running of various school activities throughout the year. Students who are elected to the Council gain a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and work needed to make a school function effectively.

To be eligible to run for Student Council, a student must be: diligent, comply with the school standards, have an honorable character, and be in good standing with their Pace work, and academic requirements.

Upon being elected to serve on the Council by their fellow classmates, the members are then assigned various responsibilities. The head of the Council is a staff member, who is the Student Council Advisor. Working with and under that leadership, there will be a President, Vice-President and Secretary. The duties of these members are as follows:

The President Be the official representative of the student body to the teachers and administration as a whole. In conjunction with the S. C. Advisor, to lead and coordinate all activities of the students of the school.

The Vice-President Be ready to fill in for the President if needed. Responsible for seeing the members fulfill tasks assigned to them. Help the President with reports, as needed.

The Secretary Keeps notes of items discussed in weekly meetings. Consults with members as to what jobs were assigned to them.

Members Supports the leadership. Propose ideas of various activities that could be implemented. Share responsibilities to make activities happen.

Some of the main projects undertaken by the Student Council are:

- Teachers Day (Self Management Day)

- Thanksgiving Day

- Christmas Care Project

- Defenders Day

- Womens Day

- Graduation

Each fall, they elect classmates for a years term. This can give students the chance to experience a short time of helping the school, or they may decide they would like to commit to a second year of service, and run to be re-elected.