Each country has its own system of academics. The International School of Tomorrow offers an individualized Bible-based English program from pre-school level to grade twelve with respect to the differences of each individual country.

School of Tomorrow curriculum is designed to cater to the individual academic needs of each child. Diagnostic testing is administered for each new student, which determines their academic placement.

The main unit of curriculum is called a Pace which includes text information, academic activities, self-tests and final tests to provide comprehensive learning and true mastery of material. Advancement from Pace to Pace is based on adequate assimilation of the studied vocabulary, concepts and notions, which is determined by final testing due upon completion of each Pace.


The International School of Tomorrow desires to use the best techniques and procedures to help a student learn to the best of their ability. The ACE (School of Tomorrow) curriculum implements Five Laws of Learning to help facilitate this.

- The student must be on a LEVEL of curriculum where he can perform.

- The student must set reasonable GOALS he can achieve in a prescribed period of time.

-The student must be CONTROLLED and MOTIVATED to assimilate, use, or experience the material.

- The students learning must be MEASURABLE.

- The students learning must be REWARDED.

An authentic School of Tomorrow high school diploma accepted in more than 500 colleges and Universities in the US and other countries, including several departments of the Russian Universities, is granted to students upon successful completion of the graduation requirements.

Russian language is offered as a foreign language to all international students as a mandatory subject.