About us

School of Tomorrow was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas, by Dr. Donald R. Howard, Ph.D. & Dr. Esther Howard.Currently its international office is located in Nashville, Tn. The program is widely used in the United States and Canada, as well as in other 140 countries of the world, with a total of 8000 schools.

Individualization, holistic teaching, and assimilation of language through subject matter are key words of modern education. School of Tomorrow embraces all of these trends, placing the International School of Tomorrow on the cutting edge of todays education.

The results achieved by the International School of Tomorrow students are not incidental. More than thirty years of curriculum development and $50,000,000 of investment have brought the School of Tomorrow curriculum to its current standard of excellence. Integration of computers and multimedia expands students learning and makes it more effective and high tech.

The International School of Tomorrow in Moscow was started in 1992 to cater to the academic needs of the diplomatic community. Today the School offers its services to both Russian and International students providing the best university-bound education. From the very beginning the School has adhered to the principle of ensuring quality in all aspects - academics, spiritual growth, and character building. During the last 13 years of its existence, the International School of Tomorrow has proved its merit and has become an Embassy school for the international community of30 countries. Today International School of Tomorrow graduates study all around the world. The diploma issued by the School became a recognizable trade mark in more than 500 Universities including the USA and Britain.

We are glad that you have chosen our school for your children! Now it is YOUR school! We are excited at the opportunity to serve you and your family! We are committed to provide the best! We thank you for trusting us and being with us!