Week of National Flag and Costume

Week of National Flag and Costume 01.10.2018

During the entire third week of the new school year the International School of Tomorrow travelled Around the World in Five Days. The traditional Week of National Flag and Costume began with an amazing Opening Ceremony where the teachers and students went through Passport Control , planned their trips to 11 countries and took off on an ISOT Airlines plane. Country capitals became the main topic for the Week this year.

During the 5 days the Learning Centers did presentations on the culture and traditions of the countries they had picked: sang, danced, cooked and played national games. Russian program teachers also held various country study presentations during their lessons.

At the Closing Ceremony the most active participants received personalized certificates and gifts, and the WNFC of this year will be remembered for its amazing turns of events, intellectual games and the atmosphere of unity and harmony. We Are One But Many!

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